" JD Edwards EnterpriseOne solutions can help you respond more quickly to your changing environment, streamline operation processes and improve reporting accuracy. With it, you can meet today’s challenging business requirements, produce more with fewer resources, and establish a solid business solutions for your organization’s future. "

A Complete Solution to Control Your Business
JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Solutions provide a rich set of features that supports even the most complex business operations. The modular structure lets you introduce solutions as your business grows, and industry specific functionality helps address the unique requirements of your competitive environment.

Fully Integrated to Boost Productivity
With instant visibility into data across your business, JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Solutions can improve employee response to real-time changes throughout your enterprise—from new product sales in the call center to inventory changes on the plant floor to calculating the fully loaded cost of new hires. Finance personnel can access up-todate information and make critical business decisions without waiting for overnight batch
processes. Our self-service tools can be used to improve staff productivity by reducing time spent on routine inquiries. And, to further enhance performance, system interfaces provide consistent, intuitive navigation that requires minimal training.

Flexible Solutions for Sustainable Growth
Preconfigured applications, as well as pre-tested databases and hardware sets, ensure that Oracle’s JD Edwards EnterpriseOne solutions can be quickly and easily implemented. The solutions are modular and built around business processes, so it’s easy to purchase, deploy, and manage the right software for your business. And, because the software is designed to adapt and scale as your business grows, it can support you—whether you are a $5 million privately held enterprise or a $5 billion global corporation.

Why JDE EnterpriseOne ?

  • An enterprise solution for managing business processes and solving business challenges for any-size business with a 30 year heritage.
  • A business application that grows and evolves with your business. We are SMB – Small, Medium and Big!
  • A software package that works with a broad range of technical infrastructure choices.
  • A solution backed by one of the largest software firms in the world with continued investment and innovation fueled by a $1.5B R&D budget and strategic acquisitions.
  • Experience across all industries with exceptional, in-depth knowledge of industrial manufacturing, engineering and construction, oil and gas, natural resources, chemicals, consumer products and wholesale distribution.

In summary :

  • Proven solution – 30 years of experience
  • Adaptability – Flexible solutions extend your investment
  • Integrated Solutions – Spend less reconciling disparate systems
  • Web-based Application – Enable improved communication with suppliers, customers and stakeholders
  • Scalable Solution – Engine for growth
  • Continuous R&D Budget invested annually – to protect your investment

A Partner in Your Enterprise

  • Do It ONCE….with JDE
    • Demonstrates / Ongoing Expertise in Your Industry
    • Comprehensive Set of Solutions
    • Proven Delivery Capabilities
    • Unmatched Dedication to Customer Support
  • Do It RIGHT
    • Flexible Template for Rapid Implementation
    • Feature / Function Fit
    • Powerful Integration Framework
  • Make It LAST
    • Always a Part to the Future
    • Solution Investment that Increase in Value
    • Low Total Cost of Ownership
    • Adaptability with Cost-effective and Durable Applications

In conclusion, you will benefit from a common database of enterprise-wide information, a consistent look and feel across all applications, and the nimbleness to respond to changing business needs. These are foundation upon which JDE has been built, designed to give you a competitive advantage TODAY and into the FUTURE!